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STEM4Real started with a children’s book and a vision, from scratch. Our small and mighty organization has been leading the charge in providing culturally responsive teaching strategies in STEM, #4Real

Our Impact

Here are the top 3 reasons to give to STEM4Real!

1) Materials, Gift Cards, and Supplies for our Teachers

We provide our teachers with classroom materials such as science lab materials, pencils, paper, notebooks, binders, distance learning tools, diverse children’s books, posters, goggles, lab coats, snacks, tissue paper, paper towels, etc. With our underfunded classrooms, we work with our teachers to ensure that they have the classroom materials they need to do their best work!

2) Advocacy & Legislation

We have partnered with organizations such as the California Partnership for Math and Science Education and the California Association of Science Educators to support funding for science and mathematics education, including Assembly Bill 2565 which will provide the infrastructure of communities of practice for classroom teachers of science and mathematics and sustained opportunities for teacher leadership and professional learning for implementing California’s science and math frameworks.

3) Justice-Centered Pedagogy

Every Summer, we engage our community of educators in a free guided book club focused on an author of choice and their body of work that contributes to justice-centered learning in STEM. Our past authors have included Dr. Jeremiah Sims, Dr. Bryan Brown, and Dr. Gholdy Mohammad. Our global community of practice allows for open dialogue, raw discussions, internal reflections, personal and professional growth that can be applied directly to our classrooms.

View our 2022 Annual Report here

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