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January - December 2022

Annual Report

Leadership Team

Dr. Leena Bakshi McLean

Executive Director

Marie Gorman

Director of Operations

About STEM4Real

Dr. Leena Bakshi and Marie Gorman

Our Mission

We provide joyful and high quality STEM professional learning that combines STEM content and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Our Promise

We make education socially just #4Real through instructional planning, professional learning, action planning, and leadership development. We will do this by recognizing and dismantling inequitable systems and rebuilding your education system #4Real with all students first.

Our Values

  • Content + Social Justice + Cultural Responsiveness
  • Engagement
  • Implementation and Action
  • Joy

Scope and Services

  • Leadership 4 Justice
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • STEM 3D5E Implementation

Company Goals - 2022


Continue operations through COVID-19


STEM4Real was able to pivot operations during the 2021-2022 school year to offer remote services to our partners.


Hire a comprehensive programming team


STEM4Real hired a contractual team of facilitators and instructional coaches to assist with program delivery.


Obtain additional grant funding


STEM4Real won funding through the New Champions program, which is part of Educating All Learners Alliance.


Host Summer Institute


STEM4Real partnered with the Hawai'i Online Portal for Education (HOPE) initiative to offer Summer Institute Professional Learning and Culturally Responsive Programming.

Our Main Clients

  • Salinas Union High School District
  • Berkeley Unified School District
  • Fontana Unified School District
  • Contra Costa County Office of Education
  • Rialto Unified School District
  • Center for Ecoliteracy


2021-2022 School Year

  • July 2021: Summer Institute
  • August - December 2021: Lesson Study 1
  • January - February 2022: Administrative Institute
  • February - June 2022: Lesson Study 2
  • June 2022: Celebrations and Lessons Learned

Social Media Stats

2163 Followers; Increased 209% YOY

1.1K Likes; 5 Star Rating; 383 Members in STEM4Real Group; Increased 53% YOY

1365 Followers; Increased 95% YOY

1637 Followers; Increased 127% YOY

2022 Highlights


  • Season 1: 9 episodes
  • Season 2: on Episode 3 (October 2022)
  • Season 1, Episode 1 with highest number of plays: 91


  • National Congress on Science Education: "Issue Forum III- Promotion of Equitable Teaching Practices"
  • Weekend S.T.E.M Teacher's Training, An International Webinar: "Building and Enhancing Online Teaching and Learning Strategies of STEM Teachers through Active Student Engagement"

Conference Presentations

  • Climate Generation: "Let's Talk about Climate Change #4Real!"
  • SCCOE Collab Convening: "Creating an Anti-Racist (Science) Classroom"
  • CASE: "Instructional Coaches: Our Secret Agent for Equity in Elementary Science: A Case Study of Fontana Unified School District to Discuss How Instructional Coaches Can Adopt the #4Real Lesson Study in Their Own Context"
  • CAST: "Inspiring Learner Voice Through Racial and Social Justice in UDL"
  • San Diego County Office of Education's Equity Conference: "Supporting Engaging, Standards-Based Science Instruction and Building Culturally Relevant Lessons Through Connections and Experiences"
  • NSTA: "Students with Abilities in Science! Using Science to Drive Special Education Achievement"
  • California Charter Schools Conference: "A 'Boogie Man' Called CRT and Its Role in School"
  • 2022 CA MTSS Conference: "Recognize, Dismantle, Rebuild: Using the MTSS Framework to Lead 4 Justice in STEM"
  • AASA 2022 National Conference on Education: "Making Your NetWORK: Leading 4 Justice in STEAM Instruction"
  • Simply Coaching: "Recognize, Dismantle, Rebuild: Using the MTSS Framework to Lead 4 Justice in STEM"
  • Hawaii Science Teachers Association Conference: "Navigating Implicit Bias and Culturally Responsive Teaching in Science Education"
  • Juvenile Court, Community and Alternative School Administrators of California Conference: "Is Science a Right or Privilege for 'Those Kids'? Creating Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum for All Students"

Company Goals - 2023


Continue program growth


Improve and expand offerings to maximize impact; implement lessons learned from partnerships.


Hire a School, District & Organization Partnerships Lead


Hire a part-time school, district, and organization partnerships lead to scale and grow our national scope and maintain partnerships


Continue to obtain grant funding


Obtain additional grants for continued expansion of STEM4Real offerings and programs


Enhance HR offerings


Host a team conference, hire an additional full-time employee, and offer benefits to employees.


"Lots of great energy and enthusiasm. You're clearly passionate about the work."

Exit Ticket, 02/09/22

"I really benefitted from the one-on-one coaching to put my lesson ideas together!"

Testimonial, Summer Institute

"The presenters were enthusiastic and seemed like they genuinely wanted to help us."

Exit Ticket, 01/31/22

"I love your website and would really like to explore the social justice areas more."

Exit Ticket, 02/02/22

"Today's session made so much sense and I am excited to present the lesson to my students."

Exit Ticket, 03/03/22

"Really good. I truly learned a lot that I will be bringing into my classroom."

Exit Ticket, 04/13/22

"Both of you were very helpful, entertaining, and I appreciated the chance to go outside and wonder like a student."

Exit Ticket, 02/02/22

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