Mar 2022
All Hands In

Teachers are leaving the profession at drastic rates and to be honest, we don’t blame them. In our first inaugural episode of Teaching STEM #4Real, I sit down with Dr. Sheldon Eakins and we have a candid conversation about the teacher shortage. You can listen to the full episode here: Ep 01: “I’m Ready to

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Oct 2019
Woman Teacher Teaching Student to Read

Dr. Adam Clark opened the session with this question: is there an achievement gap or belief gap? Here at STEM4Real, we believe that it starts with our beliefs. We as change agents must look into dismantling archaic systems and beliefs that do not serve our students. Having conversations about the achievement gap takes bravery and

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Jul 2019

Science-minded. Tall. Parent. Innovator. Juggler. Blond. Educator. These are just a few of the labels that have been assigned to me. One other label that could be used is Transgender. These labels do not define me but each are a component that makes me who I am. That last label; however, is one that causes

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May 2019

Let’s set the stage: You are a principal conducting an observation of a teacher for evaluation with an overarching goal to assess for student instruction. You enter the classroom and feel the nerves of the teacher, the nerves of the student, and perhaps, even your own nerves as you brace yourself for what you will

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