Are you interested in becoming a STEM4Real Certified Educator?

STEM4Real proudly provides comprehensive education services by training the educators in our STEM4Real Network, or Netties, in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum and pedagogy through a justice-centered lens.

After completing a combination of our web-based and in-person trainings, we are able to provide educators with the STEM4Real Certified Microcredential.

In partnership with UC Merced and the University of Washington, our program provides educators continuing education units to support the lifelong learning and continuing education of our STEM administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers.

Here’s how to get STEM4Real Certified!

  1. Submit your Intent to Apply information sheet
  2. Work with our STEM4Real Team to complete a Lesson Study Cycle and submit the following documents:
    1. Case Study Student Analysis
    2. Family Engagement Plan
    3. 3D5E Instructional Learning Sequence
    4. Do-Know-Think Observation Sheet
    5. Analysis of Student Work
    6. STEM4Real Presentation and Celebration 
  3. Complete the UC Merced Continuing Education Units Application

Please wait 2-3 weeks to process each application package. Upon completion, you will receive 6 CEUs and your STEM4Real Certified Microcredential

Interested in applying? Book a call today and join our community of justice-centered STEM educators, #4Real!