Leadership 4 Justice

As education professionals, we’ve led the front lines in the battle of systemic inequity in school for years.

We’ve seen the gaps in race, gender, and socioeconomic lines reflected in our student’s testing, placement, and classroom engagement.

We felt our own sense of helplessness and frustration at wondering if we’re truly making the impact we desired in choosing this career.

And we’ve witnessed the pain of students fighting their own internal battles as their performance in school begins to shape their self-belief in ways that limit their future success in life.

Could revising our district’s education system be the key to finally turning the tides towards social justice and equity in our classrooms?

We believe it is, and here’s why!

Year after year, in classrooms all over the country, students are lost in STEM subjects not because they failed to learn, but because the system failed to teach them.

Time is running out to turn this around.

And it’s not just STEM that’s suffering, it’s education as a whole, and to go deeper into the root cause of systemic inequalities, we need to start with our core systems first.

Are You Ready to Rebuild Your Education Experience?

The success of our students can’t sit in the hands of circumstances they have no control over:

  • The color of their skin
  • The social class they were born into
  • The language they speak
  • Their gender
  • The learning styles they find natural
  • Their cultural roots
  • Even their religious and spiritual beliefs

To do so creates a harsh learning curve for those who weren’t designed to benefit from this system. We see this, yet we still use this model today, why?

It’s easy to want to shift the blame, but the situation is too complicated. There are too many contributing factors that represent the holistic picture we’re experiencing today.

However, WE can choose to make OUR role as educators a powerful and positive one to initiate change in the areas we influence.

It’s high time that we:

  1. RECOGNIZE the deep dysfunction in our education standards,
  2. DISMANTLE that which no longer works,
  3. and REBUILD a system that meets the needs of today’s youth.

Only then can we give students the foundations they deserve TODAY to become the teachers, scientists, doctors, and leaders of change TOMORROW –limited only by their dreams, and not by uncontrollable life circumstances.

At STEM4Real, this is precisely why we created the Leadership 4 Justice Facilitated Course, our immediate solution to begin rebuilding these outdated and damaging education systems NOW.

Leadership 4 Justice

The Leadership 4 Justice Facilitated Course is a three-phase experience complete with virtual training and live coaching. This isn’t a course meant to sit in your archives untouched. It’s highly interactive and balanced with guided and self-paced learning AND live individual and group consulting to allow for flexibility and ease of understanding. The timing is flexible and can be built according to your site.

Here are just a few ways your school will benefit with the Leadership 4 Justice Facilitated Course:

  • Increase your student engagement in lessons with our phenomena-based instructional framework, DO-KNOW-THINK. This creates more classroom cohesion and a sense of community between classmates.
  • Increase the awareness of racial and implicit bias in our schools and the recognition of systems that contribute to system inequities.
  • Watch parent and family satisfaction increase through family and community engagement using our Family and Community Engagement Process.
  • See more interest and access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, especially for underrepresented minorities, students with special needs, and English learners.
  • Facilitate positive, anti-racist teaching and leading between teachers, administrators, and staff with an Action Plan that Leads 4 Justice, #4Real.
  • Most importantly, students experience a renewed, student-centered, and inquiry-based education that is culturally responsive, standards-based, and socially just (in-person and virtual!)

Are You Ready to Rebuild Your Education Experience?