With her vibrant energy, humor and authenticity, Leena actively engages audiences to create pathways for every single student to have opportunity and access to high quality science and STEM education, #4Real

Dr. Bakshi was amazing in the session: Inspiring Learner Voice Through Racial and Social Justice in UDL. She was able to ignite thinking about big ideas and engage participants in discussion; while also providing concrete examples of UDL in practice. An inspiring, thought-provoking, and actionable session. Thank you!

Niel Albero

CAST’s Implementation Specialist

Do you want to sit down in compliance or stand up for justice?

Why the STEM4Real Team?

Dr. Bakshi McLean has been behind both the teacher and the administrator desk. She knows the unique challenges and opportunities of both, and what it’s like to want to make a difference but not know where to start. She is not just inspirational — she’s relatable. Using her years of experience combined with her passion for change-making, Dr. Bakshi McLean invites administrators and teachers alike to reimagine the impact they can have on every single one of their students by investing in their own development and learning.

Disgruntled with the systemic racism and injustice that existed in bureaucracy and educational systems, Dr. Bakshi McLean founded STEM4Real, a professional organization dedicated to addressing academic inequities head on by creating relevant, standards-based content through a justice-centered lens.

Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Dismantle or Bust: How to Lead 4 Justice in STEM Education
  • Stop Just Checking the Equity Box: How to move from Learning to Action
  • Racism in the Classroom is Inherent: How to Recognize, Dismantle and Rebuild
  • Where are our Black, Brown and Indigenous Students in STEM? Achieving an Equitable Education for All
  • Justice for Science: Making the Case for Access and Equity in Science Education
  • Educators as Gatekeepers: Why you can't avoid equity and justice-oriented professional development

STEM4Real Can Also Speak To

Leadership Development | Special Education | Closing the Opportunity Gaps | Lesson Study as Means to Transform Professional Learning

STEM4Real is able to work with bookers and organizers to determine their unique need and craft a custom presentation for your audience.

The presenters were awesome and provided great detail with the content. They emphasized the importance of inclusion by breaking down the UDL Guidelines within instructional methods. This was a great presentation for teachers new to the field as well as traditional or veteran teachers needing to redesign instruction to include social justice related to historical and current events! Very cool!

Marcus Jackson

County or District Level Administrator,
South County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

Leena's Speaking Reel

I am so excited to visit the website and review everything from today. Thank you for making it interactive and so engaging! The only improvement I could suggest is just longer (I know that wasn't your decision). I want a full day of you guys and STEM4Real

Sarah Conley

Thank you for your enthusiasm and presentation.

Debbie Van Ryn

Loved the presentation and I am excited to look through your resources!

Stephanie Kearney

The presentation is very comprehensive and informative. No suggestions so far.

Aidee Espina

Past Conferences

The 9th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: Through the Lens of UDL, Denver, CO

July 2023

Presentation: Recognize, Dismantle, Rebuild: Using the MTSS Framework to Lead 4 Justice in STEM

National Science Education Leadership Association NSTA Leadership Summit

March 2023

Presentation: Leading Science Through an Equity-Based MTSS Framework

National Science Teaching Association, Atlanta, Ga

March 2023

Presentation: Is Science a Right or Privilege for "Those" Kids?

National Congress on Science Education


Keynote: Issue Forum III - Promotion of Equitable Teaching Practices (Virtual)

Weekend S.T.E.M. Teacher’s Training, An International Webinar


Keynote: Building and Enhancing Online Teaching and Learning Strategies of STEM Teachers through Active Student Engagement (Virtual)

National Science Teaching Association Conference, Houston, TX


Presentation: Students with Abilities in Science! Using Science to Drive Special Education Achievement

Other Conferences

Climate Generation 2023: Equity in STEM: Creating a Playing Field for All Students

CAST UDL 2023: Inspiring Learner Voice Through Racial and Social Justice in UDL

STEMS^2 Symposium

EALA: Connecting and Supporting Learning for Assessment

NSTA 2023: Science without Borders - Collaborating to Connect Students to Africa

NSELA/MTSS Conference

ChatGPT Webinar with the Leading Equity Center

38th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity - Hawai'i 2023

Teacher STEM training 2022

Solano COE Science Leadership Meeting September 2022

CASE Workshop - August 2022

NSTA 2022: Students with Abilities in Science! Using Science to Drive Special Education Achievement

CAST UDL 2022: Inspiring Learner Voice Through Racial and Social Justice in UDL

AASA 2022: Making Your NetWORK: Leading 4 Justice in STEAM Instruction

California MTSS 2022: Recognize, Dismantle, Rebuild: Using the MTSS Framework to Lead 4 Justice in STEM

CASE Conference 2022: Instructional Coaches: Our Secret Agent for Equity in Elementary Science

HaSTA conference 2022: Navigating Implicit Bias and Culturally Responsive Teaching in Science Education

SDCOE's Equity Conference 2022: Supporting engaging, standards-based science instruction and building culturally relevant lessons through connections and experiences

JCCASAC Conference 2022: Is Science a Right or Privilege for “Those Kids”? Creating Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum for All Students

Great information, great lesson plan demo. Well done.

Pam Dougherty

I loved the energy of the presentation!

Evonne Jasman

The entire presentation was excellent.

Richard Medina

Based on the conversations and themes from the presentation, I have come to realize that the real reason I keep getting in trouble for being "too political" is because I am upsetting certain people's fragile racist sensibilities. I feel a lot better now…

Heather Willhide

Presenter demonstrated expertise & communicated clearly


Session was relevant


Session was valuable/would recommend to others


I loved the hands on aspect of the presentation! STEM4Real brought up great points about implicit biases and systemic inequality in the classroom. I plan to use these ideas to look inward and work on my own implicit biases in order to foster an effective learning environment for my students in the future.

Lauren Bui

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