Educators Shouldn't Have to Choose
Between Standards & Equity

We help educators create culturally responsive STEM instruction so that they can truly make STEM #4Real for every single student.

Our Framework

While some professional learning programs offer standards-based instruction and others offer equity and social justice, we are unique in that WE DO BOTH using Lesson Study!

Our Services

Stem4Real Tailor Made Professional Learning

Tailor-Made Professional Learning

  • Administrator Partnership
  • STEM4Real Grounding
  • CONNECT with case study students and their families
  • CREATE 3D (Practices, Core Ideas and Cross Cutting Concepts) and 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) using culturally responsive phenomena
  • CULTIVATE anti-racist and justice-centered learning environments where we can reflect on implicit bias, microaggressions and equity-focused instructional practices.
  • CELEBRATE and share lessons learned and have your lessons evaluated by our panel of experts. 
Stem4Real Zoom Meeting

The STEM4Real Network

Educators from all of our partnerships gather online in our virtual STEM4Real Network

  • Weekly Instructional Coaching to discuss equity
  • Workshops to facilitate lesson planning and design
  • Lesson Bank of vetted, culturally-responsive lessons completed via Lesson Study
  • Access to our Leadership 4 Justice Virtual Course
  • Bi-Yearly celebrations of STEM4Real Instruction
Stem4Real Virtual Meeting
Shannon Donohoe - Academy of Alameda

Intensive 1:1 Follow-Up Coaching

We provide 1:1 coaching to work on academic, behavioral and social-emotional assets of your students, families and instructional sequences. We take time to look at microaggressions, implicit bias, and how to increase student-to-student academic discourse.

"The weight of lesson planning has been eased and I feel like I can see an end result. I will be able to focus more on the social justice context for my lessons. Thank you so much for the scaffold to change the 5E to the AOA lesson plan. I am hopeful that my lesson will become more engaging. Thank you for having every resource available and necessary for all of my questions."

Shannon Donohoe

Academy of Alameda

What we are NOT:

  • One isolated workshop
  • Facilitators without classroom teaching experience
  • Lecture-style PD with facilitators just talking
  • SCIENCE or MATH content only, we talk about race, socioeconomic status, anti-racism, justice, and interconnected leadership systems
Stem4Real Network Anti-Racist Learning
Are our educators better off because of us?

“Baruti Kafele”

How we measure...

VSorts™ Pre and Post Tests on measuring Culturally Responsive Pedagogy by Dr. Dwayne Cormier

VSorts™ is a powerful web-based platform that uses vignettes to understand and transform organizational culture.

Teacher Observation Data

Discuss teacher virtual recordings and live observations with the team to discuss teaching goals and performance indicators. Analyze strengths and areas for growth. Monitor progress for both teachers and students.

Student, Teacher and Administrator Surveys

Our research team will collect pre- and post-surveys to understand the implementation of teacher practices and the shifts in teacher pedagogy over time.


Exit Interviews

Our research team will conduct and code exit interviews with select participants to assess validity and reliability of professional learning for educators. We will provide the districts with a full report and recommendations for a STEM action plan, budget planning, and next steps.

Artifact Evaluation

We will analyze lesson plans, analysis of student work, case studies, and teacher observation notes to discuss the process and assess next steps.

Juanita Chan Stem4Real Testimonial

Interested in Justice-Centered Leadership Development for your team?

Check out our Leadership 4 Justice program!

Stephanie Crimson Stem4Real Testimonial