Teaching STEM #4Real

S3 E1: Ambitious Science Teaching, with Dr. Mark Windschitl

September 30, 2023  |  53 mins

Teaching STEM #4Real podcast season 3 episode 1
Welcome to the first episode of season three of Teaching STEM #4Real! We are thrilled to be kicking off a new season with Dr. Mark Windschitl.

Dr. Mark Windschitl is a professor of Science Teaching and Learning at the University of Washington. His research interests deal with the early career development of science teachers—in particular, their trajectories toward ambitious and equitable pedagogy. He is the lead author of Ambitious Science Teaching (Harvard Ed Press), along with Jessica Thompson and Melissa Braaten.I personally use this text as the framework for my pre-service teaching classes. His new book on teaching climate change will be coming out in the spring of 2023, and is titled A Primer on Climate Change: Teaching for Understanding, Resilience, and Justice.

Dr. Windschitl is a recipient of the AERA Presidential Award for Best Review of Research and has recently worked with Urban Advantage in New York City, supporting efforts to use Ambitious Science Teaching in places like The American Museum of Natural History, The Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York Hall of Science, and The Staten Island Zoo.

In this episode, Mark will talk to us about how his journey as an educator, what sparked the creation of Ambitious Science Teaching, and why it’s framework is so impactful in any classroom. We are about to hear straight from science education royalty! Let’s go!

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-windschitl-45a93711

Twitter: MarkWindschitl

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