Teaching STEM #4Real

S2 E3: Teaching STEM for Alternative Education, with Principal Corbin

Teaching STEM #4Real podcast season 2 episode 3
Welcome back to season two of Teaching STEM #4Real! Today, we are honored and privileged to have Mr. Douglas Corbin on the podcast in celebration of Principal’s Month!

Douglas Corbin began his educational career as a substitute teacher at Mt. McKinley School inside the Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in 2004. In 2005, he was hired as a full-time teacher at Mt. McKinley, which is part of the Contra Costa County Office of Education. Collectively, he served as a teacher in their court & community school program for 12 years. Within a three-year timespan, Mr. Corbin was promoted from a teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, and now principal in the CCCOE’s Court and Community School program. This is his second year as a principal. Mr. Corbin earned his bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies from U.C. Berkeley and he earned a master's degree from Brandman University in educational leadership. Born in San Diego, Douglas’ family relocated to Toledo, Ohio where he attended high school. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served two years before relocating to Northern California which he has made his home since 1996. Mr. Corbin is married and has six children.

In this episode, Douglas will share with us what inspired him to be a principal, his initial thoughts when he began teaching at juvenile detention centers, and what it’s like to know the system from so many different perspectives. We’ll also discuss the misconceptions about teaching in juvenile detention centers, the importance of building relationships with students and staff, and the difficult times as well. Last but not least, we’ll chat about the work Douglas has done with math and science curriculums, what he views as progress, and why he works on anti-bias and anti-racism with his educators. Plus, Douglas will tell us how he sets his school year up so that he can have a good experience with culture and anti-racism. Keep listening to learn more from Douglas!

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