Teaching STEM #4Real

S2 E10: Youth Action in STEM, With Dr. Lindsay Lyons

Teaching STEM #4Real podcast season 2 episode 10
Welcome back to season two of Teaching STEM #4Real! Today, we are pleased to introduce Lindsay Lyons to the podcast!

Lindsay Lyons is an educational justice coach who helps schools and districts co-create feminist, antiracist curricula that challenges, affirms, and inspires all students. A former New York City public school teacher, she holds a PhD in Leadership and Change, and is the founder of the blog and podcast, Time for Teachership. She believes the secret sauce of educational equity is student voice. Let’s embrace this Teachership!

In this episode, Dr. Lindsay will share her journey to education, how she came to co-create and teach a feminism course, and how we can continue co-creating curricula with students. We’ll also discuss how Dr. Lindsay’s students performed in this co-created class, the idea of getting rid of the traditional, and how teachers can realistically do so in their classrooms. Last but not least, Dr. Lindsay will talk about her forms of assessment, her thoughts on how often teachers should implement civic action assignments, and whether a student’s age plays a factor in participating in these civic action assignments. Keep listening to learn more from Dr. Lindsay!

Link to Episode Freebies: https://extras.lindsaybethlyons.com/stem4real

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