Teaching STEM #4Real

Ep 07: Creating a STEM Identity that Stems from Elementary

Teaching Stem 4 Real - Creating A Stem Identity That Stems From Elementary

Welcome back to Teaching STEM #4Real! Today, we are joined by the amazing Dr. Honey Sacro Swem, the coordinator for elementary instruction for Fontana USD, a full time Induction Support Provider, and an Instructional Coach. Let’s just say you better get your tissues ready because she had us in our feelings!

Dr. Honey comes from a family of teachers and was admittedly reluctant to join the field of education at first. Well, thank God she did because the stories she shared melted our hearts. She taught for 22 years before landing her current roles and was recognized by UC Davis as a C-STEM innovator in her district. Dr. Honey takes pride in helping teachers build student confidence in STEM and use culturally relevant practices to increase engagement. Dr. Honey does not shy away from saying that mathematics and teaching are her passions in life.

In this episode, Dr. Honey tells us how a positive STEM identity truly stems from the elementary years, no pun intended. Besides this, Dr. Honey will share her journey as a teacher with us, how she helps students develop self-confidence, and the strategies she uses to do so. Last but not least, we’ll discuss C-STEM, the way in which science is often forgotten in elementary schools, and culturally responsive pedagogy. Keep listening to hear Dr. Honey’s motivational stories and so much more!

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