Teaching STEM #4Real

Ep 04: STEM Teaching for Gang Members Too!

Welcome back to Teach STEM #4Real! Today, we are joined by the one and only Chris Corrales. Chris is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he helps people out of pain through a method known as Structural Integration, and his greatest passion is facilitating men's physical/social/emotional growth through his program Cultivating Chivalry. Chris is also a proud husband and father of six. However, in a previous life, he was actually a gang member and formerly incarcerated.

In this episode, Chris will open up about how his history as a gang member has shaped his identity today and what his schooling was like during that time period in his life. We’ll also discuss what led Chris to becoming a healer, his passion in helping men communicate better through his Cultivating Chivalry program, and how social emotional learning can be powerful in all aspects of life, especially if we approach it as something to break the “system” and not just another checklist. Last but certainly not least, Chris will help me dismantle many stereotypes surrounding gang members and the formerly incarcerated which is vital as we teach every single student. What stereotypes have you heard about gangs and incarcerated youth? Keep listening and bring your wrecking ball so that we can dismantle these together with Chris!

Connect with Chris on Instagram @chris.catalyst and schedule a consultation with him here!

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