Understanding Critical Race Theory in Education

A Framework for Facilitating Discourse on CRT in Education

Who Is This For?

  • School Leaders
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  • Educators

Looking to achieve high quality STEM & NGSS instruction through a racial and social justice lens when addressing culturally responsive teaching. In order to meet the needs of underrepresented students, educators must understand the role of CRT in schools. It is imperative for educators to understand what research states about CRT, and the role it plays in schools which inevitably impacts the classroom.

About Dr. Leena Bakshi McLean

  • Math, Science Health Teacher 
  • Instructional Coach County Office of Education Program Director
  • STEM Education Researcher CASE and HaSTA - Board Secretary
  • UC Berkeley and CGU Adjunct Professor
  • Founder, STEM4Real

CRT Norms

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The Role of Critical Race Theory in Schools

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