The STEM4Real Professional Learning Series

We believe that the principles of STEM Education can be used in any subject area to promote design thinking, collaboration, and academic discourse. Our promise is to make education socially just #4Real through instructional planning, professional learning, action planning and leadership development. We will do this by recognizing and dismantling inequitable systems and rebuilding your education system #4Real with all students first.

Joy: Happy Teachers = Happy Students! We have fun!


  • Content + Social Justice: We combine principles of equity and social justice so that educators are learning about standards-based (NGSS/CCSS/ELD) instruction and differentiating for all student groups (students with disabilities, African-American students, English Learners, etc.) accordingly.
  • Engagement: We engage with educators during the presentation – there is always an active component where we are thinking, doing, reflecting, and collaborating. We never just talk at our audience all day. We teach and model what we are asking our teachers to do in their classrooms, whether it is live or virtually.
  • Implementation and Action: We provide tools and resources that can be immediately used in the classroom. There is no need to purchase a set of curriculum or expensive materials. We focus on teacher pedagogy and shifting teacher practice to create student-centered learning modules grounded in student curiosity.