Stem4Real Tailor Made Professional Learning

What is STEM4Real Tailor Made Professional Learning

Every school and district has its own unique characteristics and may need a little extra love. STEM4Real will create specific and intensive professional learning plans designed to meet these unique characteristics. Together, we will build out an action plan that is designed to fit your own specific and unique needs!

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With our STEM4Real Tailor Made Professional Learning, our partners receive:

  • Content + Social Justice: We combine principles of equity and social justice so that educators are learning about standards-based (NGSS/CCSS/ELD) instruction and differentiating for all student groups (students with disabilities, African-American students, English Learners, etc.) accordingly.
  • Engagement: We engage with educators during the workshop – there is always an active component where we are thinking, doing, reflecting, and collaborating. We never just talk at our audience all day. We teach and model what we are asking our teachers to do in their classrooms, whether it is live or virtually.
  • Implementation and Action: We provide tools and resources that can be immediately used in the classroom. There is no need to purchase a set of curriculum or expensive materials. We focus on teacher pedagogy and shifting teacher practice to create student-centered learning modules grounded in student curiosity. 
  • Joy: Happy Teachers = Happy Students! We have fun!
  • Optional Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Our Process


Administrator Partnership

We take the time to get to know your school, district, agency, and context. No one wants “another thing to do” on top of your busy schedules. We work with your organization to ensure that we are all vision-aligned.

  • What initiatives do you already have?
  • How can STEM4Real fit into your current mold?
  • What does the data say?
  • Equity Audit – where are we missing our students?

Where are the gaps? We conduct a gap analysis to look your current STEM programs, what’s working and what’s not working. We will also look at every student group and how each has access to rigor and relevance in thier learning.


STEM4Real Instructional Grounding

We connect all of the systems: Your state content standards (The Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core Standards), your case study students, and the context of your school or district. This is where we understand 3D Learning and the WHY behind instruction using phenomena and curiosity to drive student learning.

Race, Social Justice and Implicit Bias Training

Here we dig deeper into our own implicit biases to ensure that these do not manifest in our teaching and learning. This critical step helps us evolve as educators to be anti-racist and to stand up for social justice.

STEM4Real 3D5E Tailor Made Instructional Planning 

Based on data and observations from previous sessions and learnings from the STEM4Real Grounding and Implicit Bias sessions, we will construct our 3D5E lesson plans and use principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Frameworks to reflect on the learning sequence.

Classroom #4Real Observations

Our team will facilitate video and live non-evaluative observations using the DO-KNOW-THINK Observation tool to observe student learning and shift teacher practice to meet the demands of inquiry-based instruction. We will then reflect on strengths, areas of growth, opportunities and threats to a socially just STEM education.

Analysis of Student Work

We will then analyze student learning outcomes, discuss next steps and implications for teacher practice. We will take a closer look into our case study students to see how they have grown over time with differentiation, family connections, and formative feedback.

Lesson Planning Workshop Summit

All participants walk away with fully completed lessons and ideas. We design and finalize Lessons and Units with all of the learnings and reflections from the year. We also discuss the implications for next year.

As educators, we have been doing the same thing for over 50 years. Let’s stand up and do something different and tailor-made. It’s time to put anti-racist teaching strategies into practice. Let’s stand up for social justice for our students, #4Real!

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