Dr. Leena Bakshi, Founder, Executive Director

Dr. Leena Bakshi intensively studies STEM education and how we can create access and opportunities for EACH and EVERY student regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status. Leena earned her B.A. degree in biology from UC Berkeley, M.A. in Education from Claremont Graduate University, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California. She worked as a teacher and master teacher teaching math, science and health in middle school and high school. She went on to work as a site coordinator for continuation school students and served as the science program director at the county and state levels collaborating with teachers, instructional coaches and administrators on the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and ELD. She founded STEM4Real to create access and opportunities for all students regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender or religion to have a socially just and rigorous STEM education.