Leadership 4 Justice #4Real

Leadership 4 Justice #4Real, will equip our educators with the #4REAL approach to achieving a socially just and standards-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. Our multifaceted series addresses the root causes of student inequities and social injustice so that you graduate with an action plan on how to recognize and dismantle systemic racism, increase student outcomes and rebuild your education system #4Real.

Is it just us or have we been fighting systemic inequity for years? Why are we still losing our underrepresented students of color? Our English Learners? Our students with special needs? According to the 2014 NAEP technology and literacy assessment, there were gaps found among eighth-graders that spanned across race and class.

  • Just 18 percent of black students scored at or above proficient, whereas 56 percent of white students fell into that category.
  • Students who qualified for free or reduced-price lunch scored an average of 28 points lower than students from more affluent families.

We are here to disrupt this narrative!

Leadership 4 Justice focuses on leadership in STEM education and building a culture grounded in social justice.  The intended audience is for instructional coaches, site and district leaders, and agency superintendents.

Each organization will receive the following: 

  • September 19: Super Saturday Lead 4 Just #4Real Kick Off Virtual Conference
  • Group-Paced Course: Direct access to the year-long Leadership 4 Justice online course with up to 15 unique log-ins
  • Coach: Team Monthly Coaching Team virtual coaching with the STEM4Real team for INTRAdistrict collaborating
  • Weekly Office Hours with fellow Leadership 4 Justice partners for INTERdistrict networking
  • June 2021: Leadership 4 Justice Culminating Event to share best practices, reflect on learnings, and celebrate successes!
  • Individual Course Units for Professional Development (to be purchased directly with our university partner)

Schedule a call with us TODAY to reserve a spot! We are only taking 25 schools/districts!


Systemic racism begins with our own implicit biases. It is vital that we RECOGNIZE the implicit systems that prevent each student from achieving in STEM, particularly in math and science. We as educators have the power to disrupt this narrative.


In this course, we will work with leaders to systematically DISMANTLE the systems that oppress our underrepresented minorities, students with special needs and English language learners. We do this with our emphasis on family engagement and our coaching teams that work with your school or district one-on-one.


After every demolition, we must rebuild a structure that is better, safer, and healthier for our students. This is where we come together to share best practices and actual data that shows the shifts we took as leaders to inflict real positive change for every student.

In the Leadership 4 Justice #4Real Series, you will:

Observe real and relevant instruction with engaged and inspired students

See an immediate increase in authentic family and community engagement

Create a systematic action plan that prioritizes opportunity for every student group (ELL, SPED, Students of Color)

Rebuild a school culture that dismantles systemic racism and bias