As Education Professionals, We’ve Led the Front Lines in the Battle of Systemic Inequity in School for Years.

We’ve seen the gaps in race, gender, and socioeconomic lines reflected in our student’s testing, placement, and classroom engagement.

We’ve felt the frustration of parents struggling to understand why their child is lagging behind in school and missing key learning opportunities.

We felt our own sense of helplessness and frustration at wondering if we’re truly making the impact we desired in choosing this career.

And we’ve witnessed the pain of students fighting their own internal battles as their performance in school begins to shape their self-belief in ways that limit their future success in life.

Could revising our district’s education system be the key to finally turning the tides towards social justice and equity in our classrooms? 

We believe it is, and here’s why

Year after year, in classrooms all over the country, students are lost in STEM subjects not because they failed to learn, but because the system failed to teach them.

But it’s not just STEM that’s suffering, it’s education as a whole, and to go deeper into the root cause of systemic inequalities, we need to start with our core systems first. 

Outdated education standards have created a nasty cycle of moving some students forward while holding others back. Not because they’re either capable or incapable of learning the subject matter, but because the system was built on inequitable social standards like racism, sexism, and classism –to name a few.

The life circumstances a child is born into should never be the limiting factor for their success and contribution to the world.

The success of our students can’t sit in the hands of circumstances they have no control over: 

  • The color of their skin

  • The social class they were born into

  • The language they speak

  • Their gender

  • The learning styles they find natural

  • Their cultural roots

  • Even their religious and spiritual beliefs

To do so creates a harsh learning curve for those who weren’t designed to benefit from this system. We see this, yet we still use this model today, why?

It’s easy to want to shift the blame, but the situation is too complicated. There are too many contributing factors that represent the holistic picture we’re experiencing today.

However, WE can choose to make OUR role as educators a powerful and positive one to initiate change in the areas we influence.

It’s high time we RECOGNIZE the deep dysfunction in our education standards, DISMANTLE that which no longer works, and REBUILD a system that meets the needs of today’s youth.

Only then can we give students the foundations they deserve TODAY to become the teachers, scientists, doctors, and leaders of change TOMORROW –limited only by their dreams and not the color of their skin.

At STEM4Real, this is precisely why we created the Leadership 4 Justice™, #4Real Series, our solution to rebuilding these outdated and damaging education systems.

Leadership 4 Justice™ #4Real is a three-phase series complete with virtual training and live coaching from September 2020, to June 2021, for immediate results and continued support during integration and application. 

This isn’t a course meant to sit in your archives untouched. It’s highly interactive and balanced with guided and self-paced learning to allow for flexibility and ease of understanding, requiring only a few hours spread out over each month.

Here are just a few ways your district will benefit with Leadership 4 Justice™

  • Increase your student engagement in lessons with our phenomena-based instructional framework, DO-KNOW-THINK. There is more classroom cohesion, a sense of community between classmates, and an increase in family involvement.

  • Boost faculty satisfaction, cohesive team building, and a deeper understanding of resilient relationship building with all stakeholders.

  • Increase the awareness of racial and implicit bias in our schools and the recognition of systems that contribute to system inequities.

  • Watch parent and family satisfaction increase through family and community engagement using our Family and Community Engagement Process.

  • See more interest and access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, especially for underrepresented minorities, students with special needs, and English learners.

  • Facilitate positive, anti-racist teaching and leading between teachers, administrators, and staff with an Action Plan that Leads 4 Justice, #4Real. 

  • Most importantly, students experience a renewed, student-centered, and inquiry-based education that is culturally responsive, standards-based, and socially just (in-person and virtual!) 

Are You Ready to Rebuild Your Education Experience?  The course begins on September 19th, 2020, Book a call with our team today!

How Does Leadership 4 Justice Work?

Over ten months, we’ll walk your team through our 3 Phase RDR Process to update your whole system and give results that evolve with your district and student needs!


We learn to RECOGNIZE the existing systems causing inequities in student opportunity and access to quality, robust education systems, and experiences.


  • Do you understand the diversity within your student populations? This is key to knowing where change needs to begin.

  • Are you aware of your own internal experiences and biases on race, gender, etc.? It’s ok, we all have them! But knowing how to navigate them will go far towards healing the wounds our students are experiencing while engaging with us.

  • Do you know the history of your local community and school and how it may negate your efforts at equitable and just student experiences? 


We learn to DISMANTLE these existing systems to be clear on what’s working and where you need to rebuild.

  • Discussing these polarizing topics can be incredibly challenging, and knowing how to approach and guide conversations helps remove some of the tension that may come up. Don’t worry; we’ll help you facilitate courageous and constructive conversations amongst your team to stand up and speak up for racial and social injustices currently occurring. 

  • This will allow you to diversify your curriculum and instruction with culturally responsive tools.

  • And conduct an audit of inequitable systems and how it affects each student group, so you’re making a change that makes a difference.


We learn to REBUILD a new system complete with processes that promote student equity and social justice in our instruction and leadership.

  • Liberate your learning spaces with a lens for anti-racism and inclusivity while improving student engagement and outcomes.

  • Expand your team to connect with education partners and community groups within your organization and beyond. 

  • Lean into your new systems with community support, professional accountability, and change-makers who can share your wins #4Real!

Upon enrolling in this 10-month guided course, each organization will receive the following: 

Two Virtual Conferences.

  • These conferences will be held at the beginning and end of the course.

  • September 19th, 2020, the Super Saturday Leadership 4 Justice Kick-off Event to set the foundation of your action plan.

  • June 2021: Leadership 4 Justice Culminating Event solidifies your action plan and helps you establish your next steps for education success. 

  • These conferences give your team the chance to workshop with equity leaders like:

    • Dr. Jeremiah Sims, Author, Professor and Social Justice Leader

    • Ms. Brenda Johnson, Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Ambassador and Parent Advocate for families of color

    • And more!


E-learning Course with Monthly Modules.

  • You’ll receive up to 15 log-ins for direct access to the year-long Leadership 4 Justice online e-learning course. 

  • There are 7 Modules total and consist of Video and Worksheet elements.

  • Each lesson will take around 90 minutes to complete.

Monthly Team Coaching;

  • Your district team will receive 10 virtual coaching calls of 1-2 hours each.

  • These calls will be led by our STEM4Real consultants to allow your organization and school/district to discuss organization-specific issues.

Weekly Office Hours.

  • Collaborate with other districts who’ve completed or enrolled in Leadership 4 Justice.

  • Converse weekly to share ideas, problem-solve, and create effective and accountable action-plans with like-minded educators. 

  • Enjoy fellow Leadership 4 Justice partners for INTERdistrict networking.

Up to 15 Team Member Enrollments and Certificates.

  • These enrollments can be from various schools as long as they remain in the same district/organization.

Individual Course Units for Professional Development.

  • These are optional and can be purchased directly with our university partner, Cal State University EastBay.

Let Your District Lead 4 Justice, #4Real!

The course begins on September 19th, 2020, Book a call with our team today! 

Who is this course for? 

This course’s positive ripples spread far into the holistic web your district holds –the administration, teachers, students, families, and community as a whole. However, the course itself is designed for those employed and regularly interacting with the students in your school district or organization.

Your teachers, principals, department chairs, instructional coaches, para-educators, and any administrative staff will find this incredibly beneficial for their student happiness and advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know teachers are very busy and have designed our course to be interactive enough to allow for active learning, application, and integration, yet also concise enough not to be overwhelming and challenging to complete. 


The course begins on September 19th, 2020, with a 4-hour Virtual Kick-Off Event from 10 am to 2 pm Pacific Standard Time. 


Asynchronous/Self-Paced Time: 14 hours

  • The online courses are self-paced and can be completed at your preferred time. 
  • Each course module is 1-1.5 hours each, but we recommend allotting 2 hours for each online session to include time for reflection. 
  • The ideal pacing would be to complete one module per month.


Synchronous/Scheduled Coaching Time: 7-14 hours

  • The live sessions are 1-2 hours each.
  • We meet with your team and facilitate your learnings for each online module. 
  • These are scheduled at predetermined times as they’re live and have attendees from many different locations.


Weekly Office Hours: One hour/week

  • We have weekly office hours available to drop in and collaborate with all of our existing partners. 
  • You can also collaborate on our Member Vault website as inspired and desired. 


June 2021, Culminating Event: 3 hours.

  • This event will run from 4 pm to 7 pm Pacific Standard Time. 
  • It’s virtual and live, allowing you to present your action plans and reflect on year-long learnings.

Pending Confirmed Language

The cost of the program is based on your team’s size and the specific needs of your school or organization. 

Scheduling a conversation with us will allow us to see what the best path forward will be, and from there, we’ll be able to share the options and pricing best suited for you. You can schedule that HERE!

For people passionate about improving the quality and accessibility or childhood education and social justice, we have multiple options for sponsorships, grants, and donation opportunities. 

You can find more information here:

No! Though we make STEM4Real, we believe that we need writing, reading, arts, and history as well! 

Our STEM learning methods can be applied across the content. We use an interdisciplinary approach called the DO-KNOW-THINK framework that focuses on student practices, content knowledge, and thinking using cross-cutting concepts. We use the STEM approach to make learning happen!

No, we are a way of teaching and learning focused on methods. We help you use your existing curriculum and shift the learning to be culturally responsive to your individualized student needs.

We knew that to create systemic change truly, this critical and intensive work takes a village. 

We can’t just focus on the teachers, students, or parents. That is why we created a system that calls all hands on deck. We need our administrators, teachers, leaders, and community members working cohesively to develop and implement a shared vision for justice. 

Every Student Deserves An Education That Sets Them Up For Success — Every School Deserves The Means To Make That Happen.

STEM4Real is an innovative professional development nonprofit organization providing education professionals with the skills, solutions, and material needed to create equal and effective learning environments.

When learning material and classroom environments have a strong foundation of social justice AND equitable standards, EVERY student –regardless of age, gender, race, and status– can leave the classroom today ready to become the scientists, teachers, leaders, and changemakers of tomorrow.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at