Are you a STEM Company, Organization, or Professional looking to play a more active role in helping STEM fields thrive, advance, and adapt to ongoing changes by paying it forward? Do you want to help students facilitate the work you’ve begun?

Then you might be interested in Stem4Real’s Sponsorship Program!

It’s no secret that there’s been a notable slow trickle of students from Black, Brown, and indigenous communities joining STEM fields despite the need for diverse perspectives, and talent.

This is due primarily to a lack of equitable, accessible, and quality STEM focus in childhood and teacher education.

Did you know the majority of schools don't even OFFER science classes until 7th grade?!

And for the schools that do, they’re still limited by outdated standards and processes that leave so many brilliant minds untapped and uninspired. 

We have systemic racism, sexism, language and cultural barriers, neglected learning styles for dynamic minds –with so many widespread issues, it seems the odds are against us.

Why is this a problem?

    • Students are missing foundational education and opportunities in STEM subjects, with less than half of our students testing at “proficient” on mathematics and science assessments.
    • We’re losing students of color and from low socioeconomic communities in the STEM fields. Performance disparities in STEM begin as early as kindergarten and persist through subsequent school years between racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Our future advancements rely on a continued flow of educated and inspired students to thrive.

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The STEM4Real Network Today!

How can we prepare the scientists, teachers, engineers, and thought-leaders of tomorrow when they aren’t educated today? We need your help. Every Student Deserves An Education That Sets Them Up For Success -- Every School Deserves The Means To Make That Happen.

  • This is why we created The STEM4Real Network, a year long mentorship and membership community designed FOR educators of STEM subjects in childhood education. Our Network allows educators to come together and create positive change through social justice, equitable teaching practices, and a recreation of our education systems and standards worldwide.In The STEM4Real Network, teachers are given access to:
    • Collaboration and Lesson Study within the STEM4Real Network of educators
    • Teacher-Curated Lesson Bank and Instructional Resources:
    • Monthly Live Professional Learning Experiences (Offered Virtually)
    • Weekly Equity-focused Mindset Training
    • Weekly Office Hours for Collaboration and Action-planning
    • Yearly Events with Guest Speakers
    • STEM4Real Grants to support equitable #4Real STEM education in their schools
    • Access to our growing library of Online Courses 
    • Optional Continuing Education Units (CEUs 

    This Network’s impact is powerful and far-reaching, allowing change to start in the classroom and ripple into the world one teacher and student at a time.

    You can learn more about The STEM4Real Network here!

But it’s not happening quickly enough, and this is where YOU come in!

What we know:

  • The STEM pipeline needs bright, diverse, capable students to continue advancing today’s technology and advancements.
  • Companies are actively searching for diversity in STEM; they need more people to bring new perspectives and solutions.
  • Teachers are the greatest asset STEM fields have at this early stage, and they rely on help from those with the means to aid them in better meeting the needs of today’s students for tomorrow’s successes.


We’re looking for help providing educational sponsorship to teachers ready and willing to create positive change yet lack financial support.

We’ve got them covered when it comes to helping them make this happen; we just need help making it available to more who need it.

With this in mind, we’ve begun our Sponsorship Program as a way to bring together STEM Professionals and STEM Educators in partnership for change.

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation of either: your desired dollar amount OR to donate the full cost for a teacher’s membership into The STEM4Real Network for a year.

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The STEM4Real Network Today!

About STEM4Real

Help us be a part of the STEM diversity solution!

STEM4Real is an innovative professional development organization providing STEM education professionals with the skills, solutions, and material needed to create equitable and effective learning environments and student outcomes.

When learning material and classroom environments have a strong foundation of social justice AND equitable standards, EVERY student –regardless of age, gender, race, and status– can leave the classroom today ready to become the scientists, teachers, leaders, and changemakers of tomorrow.